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2023 KENWORTH 963

Winch / Oil Field Trucks
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FACTORY NEW, DELIVERED TO YOUR PORT / SHIPMENT POINT. INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY INCLUDED. The Kenworth 953/963 is the perfect Oil Field Truck and is suitable for many uses in the oilfield when fitted with winches and an oilfield body. For heavy-duty oilfield applications and other off-highway hauling in extreme desert terrain, the Kenworth 963 family is the ultimate range of trucks for heavy duty use as a truck, tractor, bulldozer carrier, crane carrier, oil field rig carrier, logging apparatus carrier, water tank carrier and more.*PRICE SHOWN DOES NOT INCLUDE OPTIONS IN PHOTO. ALL KENWORTH 953 & 963 ARE CUSTOM DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED FOR OILFIELD APPLICATIONS. Pricing is available upon request for your specific, fully customized build:Your choice of LHD (left-hand drive) or RHD (right-hand drive)Simple designMinimal ECMsLow maintenance costEase of maintenanceRobust designInternational warranty through Kenworth & PACCAR Global SalesInternational warranty through CumminsInternational warranty through Allison, Eaton and MeritorExceptional qualitySince the early 1920s, Kenworth has been known as the best truck to buy if you expect to take a beating and survive – a reputation earned by tackling some of the most demanding applications and operating conditions on the planet. Today, the 953/963 stands as testament to all that back-breaking experience Kenworth have withstood the world over. Whether it’s moving 200 tons of coal through the jungles of Southeast Asia. Oil rigs over the Alberta muskeg. Tall timber out of the woods in Quebec. Or 40 tons of overburden at 15,000 feet in the Andes. This truck is the ultimate beast of burden. Still, with all its muscle, sheer toughness and power, the 953/963 is sure-footed and surprisingly agile – a comfortable, quiet and productive truck that rides like a thoroughbred. No wonder drivers everywhere are proud to climb aboard. Kenworth’s ultimate workhorse, the 953/963 is a most extraordinary, highly versatile, top-to-bottom tough, heavy-duty truck. It’s custom built from the ground up to meet your specific requirements. Without compromise. Your design choices encompass the latest technologies and a spectrum of proven components. Engines to 16 liter (600 horsepower). High capacity radiators to 1,520 sq. in. Front axles to 30,000 pounds or tandem steer axles to 40,000 pounds. Rear axles to 150,000 pounds. Single rear axles, tandems and tridems. Air suspensions, rubber springs or steel springs from 46,000 to 150,000 pounds. Manual transmissions, automatic transmissions and auxiliaries. Front and rear engine PTOs. Split shaft and transmission-mounted PTOs. Sheet metal hood and fenders for severe service. Sloped hood, rear view mirror extensions and cab corner windows for improved visibility. A range of frame options with up to two inserts. Raised fuel tanks and brake chambers for greater ground clearance. The list seems endless.Survival engineering in the 953/963 starts with the backbone – continuous straight rails of heat-treated steel for strength, custom drilled to meet your specifications, unique body designs and specialized equipment. Crossmembers, gussets and all frame-mounted components are free-fit bolted to help absorb road shock and vibration. The cab – so often the measure of longevity in an off-road truck – receives special attention. Kenworth melds aluminum, fiberglass and steel – including 150 pounds of steel reinforcement – into an assembly meant to withstand a lifetime of hard labor. Huckbolts strengthen cab joints for a tighter, more rattle-free environment. Thick bulkhead-type doors hang on continuous stainless steel piano hinges and fit snugly to reinforce the cab structure. Even the mirrors are mounted on the cowl, not on the door, to protect the mirrors and the doors – especially important with extended mirrors for wide loads. The Kenworth 953/963. It’s a decision you can live with year, after year, after year.Uptime equals dependability and ease of service. So Kenworth builds trucks with a great deal of never-say-die detail – detail that pays off every day you go to work. Take the way Kenworth engineers a radiator – all copper and brass; no plastic. Hoses are straight for quick replacement. Radiator tie rods are mounted to the frame, not cab, for less vibration and longer radiator life. Wiring is neatly bundled out of the way of debris and chemicals. The steering reservoir is oversized to reduce heat and add life to seals. Notice, too, how the engine sits high in the frame, totally ahead of the cab, making filters, valves and components more accessible. The firewall is neatly organized – with heater, air conditioner, electrical master connectors and windshield wiper motors all at your mechanic’s fingertips. And there’s so much more that increases reliability, reduces maintenance and keeps you running. Sure, it’s more expensive to buy a truck built this way. But for tough jobs, worth every cent.As a custom truck builder, Kenworth offers more job-specific and factory-installed options than any other manufacturer. The result is a more integrated, fully-engineered, job-ready solution you can depend on – right from the start. Even your body builder will be pleased. With clear frame space reserved for body equipment, bunk angles already mounted, or an electrical junction box to simplify final wiring assembly, he’s set to do his best work – quickly and efficiently. Among the hundreds of rugged duty options available for the 953/963 are cast eye or slipper front springs, driveline u-joints with increased operating angles for rough terrain, heavy-duty fuel tank straps, steel under-bellhousing crossmember, sheet-metal hood and fenders and severe service packages to match Arctic cold or desert heat. Naturally, you have an almost unlimited choice of chrome and polish options. And Kenworth never forgets the driver.1. Roof-mounted rotating beacon or strobe lights make the truck more visible on the job site or when moving specialized loads. Available with polished or painted mounting brackets.2. Tubular oilfield bumpers are made of high-strength steel to withstand the abuse of bulldozers, tow chains and crowded job sites. 3. Split fuel/hydraulic tanks – quality-built by Kenworth for exceptional performance, durability and style – conserve frame space.4. Heavy-duty 7-inch-wide fuel tank straps secure the tanks for the roughest conditions by providing exceptional strength and improved ground clearance. Available with polished finish.5. Planetary hub-reduction axles improve traction on rough surfaces by eliminating windup in the axle shafts.6. Daylite® doors and cab corner windows give your drivers an added measure of visibility around congested job sites.7. Gauges and controls can be specified to monitor or operate virtually any component on the truck. And up to four spare switches are available for equipment you install on-the-job.8. Chromed, heavy-duty box bumper combines robust functionality with show-truck styling. 9. Heavy-duty brush guards protect the radiator from branches and a myriad of other obstacles. Hey, its a jungle out there.


600 HP
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Arrangement
Engine Tier
USA Non Tier
Engine Displacement
14.9 l
Fuel Type
Engine Brake
Dual Breathers


Transmission Manufacturer
Transmission Type
Allison RDS
Number of Speeds
6 Spd
Differential Lock


Number of Rear Axles
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
Class 8: 33,001 pounds or greater
Gross Vehicle Weight
700,000 lb
Front Axle Weight
32,000 lb
Rear Axle Weight
140,000 lb
Axle Configuration
Set Front Axle


Drive Side
Right Hand Drive
A/C Condition